Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sharing Your Home

A month ago My neighbor and friend ask me if I know anyone who has a furnish apartment she could rent for her niece and family who is coming up from Trinidad.
Without hesitating I told her she could have mine since I am only there once or twice per week and only to get clothes and pick up the mail.

The family came up three weeks ago and I am so happy, not only am I collecting an extra income from them, they keep the house and the ground just as I would and I don't have to worry that someone may see the house empty and break in.

Also I am planing to sell in the next two years and they have express their interest in buying it if I was thinking of selling.
The husband is working for the UN and will be eligible for mortgage in two years so the timing is perfect. So now I am renovating the basement to move my things and so they can have the entire house and I will have an even bigger income and a buyer when I am ready to sell.

Sometimes you have to be willing to open your hands to help others and you might be surprise of what falls in them.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fight Those Winter Blues

How many of us get depressed in the winter months? Well needless to say quite a lot; the winter months are cold and you feel closed in all the time which gives us a feeling of melancholy, especially for those of us who live alone.

I find to fight those winter blues to get involve in programs in your local community, join the Y, get out and meet new people, go out to dinner, or lunch at least twice per week (yes by yourself). If you go to the same place often enough, soon they will know you and treat you special when you go in.

Become a big brother or sister to a child, it is quite easy from your church or place of worship there are lots of young people who is looking for a place to hang out away from home and someone who they will listen to them and help them with their homework.
It is a win, win, you gets a companion a few nights a week and they get the benefit of having a person who will listen to them other than their parent. Sometimes it is easier for a child to talk about what’s on their mind if they are not talking to their parent.

The only thing is, be careful not to get over involved like I did. I had so much going on that I had to quit some of the things I was in.