Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Moving on

Yesterday I cried………….
This is the title of a self-help book I had attempted to read some years ago but got so lost I just put it on my bookshelf to read later.

I was talking to my younger daughter last evening and she was telling me some of what is going on in her father’s (my ex-husband) life. At the end of the conversation I said to her, the next time you talk to your father tell him that he is better off without her (his wife who had just walked out on him).

I said she was of no help to him even when he was sick and needed her, she was missing in action. Therefore move on with life knowing that now he has to fend for himself and not waiting for her to cook his meal or to do whatever a wife does.

My daughter said to me, “I did not expect to hear that from you”, meaning she thought I would be glad for the situation he was in. I told her even though I was hurt and disappointed at the way things turned out for us and all the pain he had put me through, I wish him no harm.
I would never reconcile with him again, he is my past but he is still a person and I have to live with me. I cannot spend the rest of my life being so angry at those who have done me wrong. I will not get pulled back in their mess or let it bough me down.

YESTERDAY I CRIED…….BUT TODAY I AM LAUGHING, not at those who has done me wrong, but for the joy that I have found in letting go of all that stuff.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"thank you" and "You're welcome"

I grew up in the country in Jamaica and was not accustom to certain things as those who grow up in the big city.

“You’re welcome”, is one of those phase that I never heard until I went to boarding school at the age of fifteen. My principal was a very big English woman (Mrs. Robinson). She was very stern, and rightly so, she had to care for over one hundred and fifty girls from fifteen to eighteen years old, who lives on campus, some of whom has never left home before.

From the first day of orientation she let you know what was expected of you, and saying you are welcome was one of those things. You just don’t ignore a person when the say “thank you”.

But what does it means to say to someone “you’re welcome”? This is what I have come up with; Saying you’re welcome means, I am glad I was able to help, it was no problem, it pleases me to be able to help you, I was happy to be of service, and I am here whenever you needs me.

Today it is one of the phase that I use quite often and with pleasure. One of my many duties is to collect payment from customers and sometimes I have to extend to them a little time for them to make payment and they are always appreciative and say “thank you” (not all customers are like that, some take it for granted that I have no choice but to give them the time). So when I say you’re welcome, I mean, I am glad I was able to give them the time they need and that our company will still continue to service their business
although they are a little behind on making payment.

A lot of times I don’t have to make a second phone call, they call and keep me up to date on when payment is coming, to which I say, thank you for letting me know and they say’ you’re welcome.

It is just courtesy.