Friday, December 26, 2008


How many of you out there feel unappreciated on your job, well for those of you who feel that way you are not alone.
I have been working for this company or person for over 20 years and I just feel that he takes it for granted that I am always going to be here to give my 110%. When he gives you anything other than your salary, he makes you feel as if he has just given you the world.
One would think that after all this time he would want to show you that he appreciates your loyalty to him and the company. Well he has taken his family on vacation, and all he said to me was, pay the messenger, pay the salesman and tell the messenger that he has to work on Friday (12/26) a half day. I am paid monthly, and so to I have to wait until the end of the month (new year's eve) before I can do my holiday shopping, however I have to be in the office everyday.
For any employers out there who happen to read this; pleeaassee show some appreciation to your employees, it encourages them to give 100% to their job, its a win, win.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Proud Parent

Many parent have a child that is considered an over achiever, I would not consider myself one of those parent, but when I read some of the things my daughter writes it makes me so proud to be her mother. She creates, she is poetic and she has soul. Not to say I am not proud of my other two children, I am proud of all my children for the simply fact that they are mine and they are trying to survive in this chaos of a world without calling me to bail them out of one thing or the other. But Jen, my hats off to you.

By the way I am still waiting for the rest of "Crossing Over"