Monday, March 21, 2011

Parent Abuse..........Children Abuse

Too often I hear stories of adult children abusing their elderly parents and we all cry foul. But have we ever stopped to consider the reason why.

Some doctors say that abuse is a learned behavior, if that true, then parents who abuse their children will have abusive in their old age.

Most abusive parent never stops to realize that the seed they are sowing they will reap.
Imagine the following; you have three children, one could do no wrong,( even though he is the devil incarnate) second one is selfish and self-centered, the third just wants to be loved, but is treated like a doormat.

The parent visible mistreats and abuse one child, that child is forced to leave home at a young age and in some cases live in the abuse for a long time. Never get any encouragement or help but somehow they manage to build a life for themselves.

In the meantime mommy and daddy make no provision for their future while living life to the fullest, or illness and misfortune came to knock at their door.

Now mommy and daddy are in need of help. Favorite children are no where to be found (like their parent they are living life and have no place or time for anyone except themselves).

Abused, unloved, mistreated child is called in to help her parents that never take the time to say or do one kind thing to her.
Unable to say no, this child takes on the role of caregiver to her abusive parents, and the only way (at times) to maintain sanity is to repay in kind the treatment that was learned from her parents.

Let us all try to plant good seed so that when it comes time for reaping, we can reap good fruit.