Thursday, May 31, 2012

Are we losing our femininity?

As a young girl growing up, I was taught that a ladies’ under things was not for public viewing. A lady should sit with their legs together and cross at the ankle and always mind your manners (your language) especially in public.
Today, however, all of that is gone to the dogs. Ladies think that it’s fashionable to have bra straps as part of their outer wear and underwear (panties) under the sheerest of dresses or pants. Gone are the days when young ladies wear under slips, appropriate under wears or dresses that cover things that should be shown only in the bedroom.

I remember older ladies would pull us over to tell us that our slip was too long, our bra straps were showing or we need to change our clothes because our under wears were showing through.

These days you dear not say anything to a female, young or otherwise unless you are prepared to be cursed out. As female, we no longer take pride in how we carry ourselves. We think looking trashy is sexy.

Sometimes I see ladies sit on the train or buses with their legs spread, or the language coming from their mouth in a casual conversation is embrassing to see and hear.

The way we talk, walk, and conduct ourselves should be all the sexy that is need to be seen.

I am just saying when too many eyes are on you and too many whistles are blowing at you it’s not always a good thing.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Grand Kids...I can name them all.

A few years ago on mother’s day in church pastor asked all mothers, grandmother and great grandmother to stand up, then he asked all mother only to sit.

I kept on standing and he said, “Angela, are you a grand mother?” I said, yes I am, then he said how many grand kids do you have, I said seven, he said name them.

I did name them but it took me a minute to make sure I did not leave anyone out. I did not expect him to call on me to name my grand kids so I was not prepared. Now I have nine and I must say I can name then all in lest than fifteen seconds.

I love all my grandkids; they are an extension of me. I always try to remember their birthdays and send them a present, not because I have to but just to let them know that I remember and love them.

This week I have two birthdays, my third and fourth grand children, Xavier and Imani, both on May 10th; I remember getting the phone call on the same day.