Monday, March 21, 2016

My Thoughts

We always took for granted that family and friends will always be there to listen and support you, however, that is not so. As people we grow up and grow apart, have different interests and hobby, read different kind of books, our priorities change and sometimes our purpose in someone's life change and we or no longer needed. What is one to do when they are no longer the center of someone's world, the bond they thought they have so security is broken and the relationship is changed. As a people we long to be apart of something or a group and family is the most important. As family grow and change some are left behind, parent become emptynesters and children move on to find their own families. Sometime if we are lucky, children will always keep mommy and daddy as part of their new family even from a far, but sometime mommy and daddy, after they have fulfill their duty as parents are no longer wanted and are left to make new friends and are only called up on in time of crisis. Too many adult children disregard the respect they had for their parents as children, as they themselves become adults. Parents are neglected, disrespected and just abandon like an old toy to be visited out of pity. I for one have raised my children with all the love I have in my heart and if the day should come when they should look at me as a burden or a nuisance, I pray that they will at least be respectful..

Friday, March 18, 2016

Foster Parenting/ Child Services

A few months ago child services contact us and ask us to take a little boy who is the brother of my Goddaughter on a temporary basis. They failed in inform us that they were looking for an adoptive parent for him. They gave us none of his vital information, such as his date of birth, allegories, or if he had any condition they we should be aware of. We had an emergency and had to take him to the hospital and could not give vital information about him. The next day I had to take him for his checkup at the child services medical office only to discover that he has asthma and uses a machine. They took him from a loving home simply because they wanted him to be adopted by people who would let his parent be apart of his life. Now, daddy and mommy are fine, they are not sick or on drugs, or in prison the just want someone else to raise their children while they go about living a carefree life so they can play parent only when if suits them. Now we found out that they wanted us to adopt this little boy, what are we to do? I considered it but at my age I don't think it would be good for him in the long run, and I certainly would not be having daddy and mommy in my home whenever it suits them, furthermore I am leaving the state. Even those I was not the foster parent on record, I became parent by default since I am the only adult female living in he home. I am so furious with the system right now. They did not do a proper investigating to see if we were a proper fit and whether or not we want to adopt. We were not and still are not certified foster parents. He is in our home since February 5, 2016 and we have not receive no help for him to date. No wic benefit, no clothing benefit since 90% of the clothes he came with are hand-me-down and are too big for him. We are buying him clothe and feeding him without being reimbursed by the agency. This system needs to be overall because these children need better advocate who are going to be looking out for their best interest.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Time for a change..

On June 30th 2011 I bought my home in Florida expecting that I would move there within a few months, however that few months is now almost five years. Every year I would go down start a garden only to leave it to die or to be killed by the lawncare person who knows nothing about plants or just did not want care for them. This year I will be moving for good. I can't wait to start my new life. I have made new friends and I am looking forward learning my new neighborhood and working in my garden.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Goals and challenages

It's been a long time since I visit, too busy with so many things going on. So many projects. Sometimes my crochet request leaves me with little time to do anything else since I also have a fulltime job, however, I will try to be better this year. I have signed up with goodread and my challenage is to read 15 books this year, I also would like to do a crochet show which means I have to complete enough projects for at least an hour worth of showing. I have just finished book #1 so you can see that I am far behind and I am in th middle of three crochet pieces. With God's help I am going to accomplish at least one of my goal.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Crochet Dollies..........

Gorwing up a little girl in the West Indies, (Jamaica) I always see my grandmother with dollies on her tables and dresser.They were always so beautiful. To me the always add the finished look to any room. I enjoyed making them and giving them as gift. Today, crochet dollies are a thing of the past, (or are they?) We as a society are so busy running here and there that we don't have time to add a lillte femine touch to our homes. It's too much work, or it just collect dust, or some other such comment. The best one is "only old ladies do that". Well I am here to say that I am not old by any means, and I still love my dollies on my dresser or where ever I think one is needed. I would like to get one person who share my passion and make them the best dolly and let them give their opinion on whether it's just for old ladies or not.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Twin baby girls dress

Hand crochet. 

Your passion

So many times I hear people say that they are bored.   I can't imagine been bored because I always have so much going on.

My three passions are reading, gardening and crocheting.  I read for knowledge and entertainment, I garden because I love to going outside and come back with vegetable that I grow, also I love looking at a beautiful garden. Crocheting is the first thing I learn to do that would keep me acupied for a long period of time. As a child I would sit for hours and crochet things for my dolls. It was hard for me to be bored.  At about ten or eleven years old I realized that I enjoy planting things and watch them grow.  I start bringing home pieces of plants t from relatives or friends went ever I visit. Growing up in Jamaica, most plant grow in abundance so it was OK to take a piece of plant from anywhere.   I soon had a beautiful flower garden.

After I migrated to the USA I continue reading, crocheting and gardening.  Gardening Iwould do in a smaller scale because I could only plant in pots in my apartment. I realized however that I my crocheting came in handy because I could make my own hats and scarves. Over the last thirty years I have made  crochet items as gifts, for sale and for family and myself. I have three children and in each of their homes there are at least two items that I have made.
Growing my own vegetables, a flower garden ( inside or outside), making beautiful pieces and relaxing with a good book are all this that I am passionate about.  These are my passions.  At any given time you could find in my bag a book or my tablet or some type of crochet project, I always have at least two things that I am working on.  When my fingers need a break I can pick up my book.
Whatever you are passionate about.... Enjoy it to tthe fullest.