Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Love...Second chance

Sometimes I have to wander why some people go through so much garbage to find the one person who will love them with all their faults.

I never thought that I would ever find love again after my divorce and was basically ready for just a companion or just be a loner (that would be fine for me, I would be able to go and come as I wish). But instead I was blessed with the most loving, giving and understanding man one can ever wish to meet. He is there for me in good times and bad, he makes me laugh almost every minute of the day (when I am with him).

He cooks, do laundry, does the dishes when I cook, and he does window too! Yes, he does all this with a smile. I so appreciate it because it gives us more time for us.

This man will have a PB & J sandwich or two for dinner and be just as happy as if he were having a steak.
He respects me and let me be myself, which is very refreshing for a change.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hurts..........Not Only When I Laugh

I saw a movie once where the wife found out in the end that he no good husband had left her for another man. In a confrontation with him she hurt herself. When her Friend asked her, does it hurts, she replied "Only when I laugh.

As I look at some of the decisions I have made over the years and the way I respond to family and friends and how I allow myself to be used I can truly say "I hurts... not only when I laugh".

I feel that I am almost always being taken for granted. I was told as a child that "you should seek a Friend before you need a Friend". A lot of people these days just seek a Friend when they need a friend, and is never a friend when someone else is in need. Just plain selfish.

I hurts to see all the people who asked for favors and then totally forget that I existed