Thursday, November 18, 2010

Travel and Security......

We all want to feel safe when we travel, right? So why is the news that there will be tougher screening at the airport including patting down is met with such reluctance.
The TSA is not out to get everyone who is traveling, just the ones that should no be.

Since 911 I have traveled some and it never takes me more the three to five minutes to go through the gate once I get there. I know what not to bring with me on the plane and so those items get in my check luggage or left at home. I also wear light clothing and am ready to take my shoes off. When I travel in the winter I have my socks on.

All beeping items I put in the bowl then go through the scanner with ID in hand. If a bra hock or a pant/skirt hock goes off, no worries a wave of their wand or a pat here or there and I am done. I pick up my stuff and I am on my way.

When we create excitement at the gate, we also create an opportunity where the wrong person can slip by when too much attention is on us.

We must remember that most of the security personnel are as uncomfortable as we are but when we cooperate with them they are able to do their job more efficiently.
If we do our part by following the rules, be patient and give ourselves enough time everyone will get through the process that much faster.

We should all try to do our part, no matter how small to make our country a safer place for all.

As the holiday season begin, travel safe, and travel smart.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Mid Term…….Losses/Gains

We are a people of instant gratification.

After a bankrupted housing market, a banking industry in a state of free fall, thousands out of work, a war no one wants and an economy in the state of shock, the American people expected that president Obama would go into the White House and overnight fix all the problems that took years to break.

He is one man fighting a battle that very few want him to win.
How many past presidents promised to fix healthcare and has failed? Not saying it is now perfect, but it is at a place where it can be worked on, fine tuned, if you will.

They all said he put too much into the stimulus package that did not really help much, at lease he is trying to do something.

The quote, “if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem” comes into play. Everybody criticize him but no one have an idea or suggestion of how to make things better.

As far as I see it, our government is not working as a team to bring us out of the pit we are in, all they are doing is making promises, pointing finger, and playing the blame game.

Everyone wants the country out of this economic slump overnight, but no one is willing to work to that end.

Two years ago we were willing to give Mr. Obama a chance, but because he as not pulled out his magic wand and clean thing up we are ready to call for change…It will take any newly elected president more than two years to clean up the mess that started in Washington years ago, from over spending to corruption.

What we need in Washington is a new set of Politician whose agenda is the welfare of our country and not their personal gain.

Loss or gain?......If we can’t wait for the medication to do its job, then it’s our loss and not Mr.