Thursday, March 4, 2010

20 Minute Vacation

Do you ever think that you ca take a twenty minute vacation? Well you can.
Here is how:

This kids are off to school (if you have school age kids), so turn off your call phone, let the machine pick up the house phone and prepare to be relaxed for the next twenty minutes.

Put on your favorite lounge wear
Make something that you don't usually make, such as a tropical drink or a mugs of herdal tea (my favorite). Think of where you would like to be and find from your music collection a cd that remind you of that place.
Slip it in the cd player.
Now grab a magazine, your drink and find the most comfortable easy/lounge chair.

For the next twenty minutes do nothing except sip your drink, leaf through you magazine, listen to you music and let transport you to that paradise you are think of.

For twenty minutes do nothing but love you, trust me, you will want to do it again soon.

P.S. If you are at work, Just find a quite place to sit where you can tune out what's going on around you, and enjoy just being.