Thursday, April 4, 2013

Needless Suffering

Needless suffering.
So many women go through life suffering needlessly, afraid of the “what ifs”.
I am one of those who worry about very and anything. I am past my child bearing years but for about five to six years I have spent every month suffering with chronic anemia from heavy bleeding, low energy, bloated stomach, fatigue, issue with my bladder and pain.
I had fibroids, and I spend four to five days each month in agony. For a long time, friends and associates asked me “why don’t you just have the surgery”; I always find one excuse after the other. When my doctor told me I was going into menopause and things would get better, I no long see the need for surgery.
After one year of not menstruating and while on vacation, I woke up to pain and bleeding, and that was my cue that it’s time.
I came back from vacation and went to the doctor and she advised me that I should have a hysterectomy. All my what if’s and fears presented themselves, however, I ask the Lord to see me and He did. I made preparations, and my doctors and nurses were wonderful. I have my uterus removed, but leave my ovaries. I did not want another large scar on my tummy and I don’t have one thanks to laparoscopic technology.
I just went for eight weeks post-operation check up and was given a clean bill of health. I feel great and my clothes fit better, my over all quality of life is so much better.

The result for out weigh the “what if’s”.
I am telling my story because there might be one person out there who is going through what I did and I just want to say, do it, you will be a happier you.