Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Do you know the State you live in?

When I came to this country I was twenty two years old. I had left my beautiful Jamaica behind me. Every now and then someone would ask me something specific about my Island paradise and I did not know. I had never visited all the wonderful places and sites that visitors would come to my country to see, therefore I did not know my own country.

I promise myself that, that would not happened again, but due to my business NY life I have not had the time to keep that promise, however, starting this spring I will be on a mission to visit as much sites in New York as I can before leaving this beautiful state. The first place I am going to see is this subway station.

It was built in 1906 and was later abandon in 1945 because no too many people used it and also because of the curve in the station platform there is a gap between the train and platform which makes it a little dangerous.

In 1995 the city planned to turn it into a museum but that plan never gets off the ground. So if you are visiting New York and have the time, take the #6 train to the last stop and stay on and while it makes that loop to go back uptown you will see what only a few people in NY knows about, a piece of NY history that is buried underground, as it is not opened to the public.

Why Color............?

Why Color……….

Who invented hair color and why? As a black woman who is very proud of whom I am, I find myself doing the color thing. At first I said I don’t like to see the black with the little white peeking about here and there, so I color or rinse to hide my them. So I call the grey my highlights.

However I have developed a scalp condition and my hair is getting very thin in the middle of my head. Is this because of all the chemicals I’ve being using over the years? One does not know. I have been to several doctors and still I don’t have a cause or a cure for my problem.

Just this past weekend I went to get my color and “boy!” I’m red, I can never seems to get the right shade of brown I would like since I don’t like jet black, Also, my head itch so bad that at 4am in the morning I was in the bathroom washing it. Now, one would think that I would rather have my night’s rest without the itching than to have my hair color, but like any other addiction I always go back for more.

As soon as a month or so has past my grey start showing themselves, I find all kind of excuse why my head itch so bad the last time (this is not the first time this has happened). Maybe it was the brand or the length of time the chemical stayed in my head. Whatever the cause I always find myself back in the salon to get my color.

For now, I am still trying to decide if I will continue to color, or not? I have seen some really beautiful women with their “salt n pepper” hair that looks just fab.