Monday, March 24, 2014

Twin baby girls dress

Hand crochet. 

Your passion

So many times I hear people say that they are bored.   I can't imagine been bored because I always have so much going on.

My three passions are reading, gardening and crocheting.  I read for knowledge and entertainment, I garden because I love to going outside and come back with vegetable that I grow, also I love looking at a beautiful garden. Crocheting is the first thing I learn to do that would keep me acupied for a long period of time. As a child I would sit for hours and crochet things for my dolls. It was hard for me to be bored.  At about ten or eleven years old I realized that I enjoy planting things and watch them grow.  I start bringing home pieces of plants t from relatives or friends went ever I visit. Growing up in Jamaica, most plant grow in abundance so it was OK to take a piece of plant from anywhere.   I soon had a beautiful flower garden.

After I migrated to the USA I continue reading, crocheting and gardening.  Gardening Iwould do in a smaller scale because I could only plant in pots in my apartment. I realized however that I my crocheting came in handy because I could make my own hats and scarves. Over the last thirty years I have made  crochet items as gifts, for sale and for family and myself. I have three children and in each of their homes there are at least two items that I have made.
Growing my own vegetables, a flower garden ( inside or outside), making beautiful pieces and relaxing with a good book are all this that I am passionate about.  These are my passions.  At any given time you could find in my bag a book or my tablet or some type of crochet project, I always have at least two things that I am working on.  When my fingers need a break I can pick up my book.
Whatever you are passionate about.... Enjoy it to tthe fullest.

Friday, March 21, 2014


I realized within the last few months that a normal bodily function that people warely talk about is now a very popular topic of discussion.
This function is a bowel movemnt, doing a number two, dodoo, making stinkstink and there are so many other verbs that discribe this action, the most popular one of late is POOP.
In an effort to bring awareness to healthy living and to be more conscious of what we eat more and more experts, talk show host and guests are constantly discussing our poop..

On the Dr Oz show you will hear some of the reasons you get constipated and don't poop as much as you should and how to try to change that.  On four different talk show I've watched Cameron Diaz talk about her body book, explaining that "not because you chew something, swallow it and POOP it out make it good for you"

 I have heard that if your poop floats that means you have too fat in your diet.  We are encouraged to look at out poop. My questions are how and why? I can't tell by looking in the toilet if my poop is good or bad, and even if I think something looks odd what should I do.
Most of us don't look in the toilet, we do our business, wipe, flush and get up. In any case, we are encouraged to look as a part of knowing what is the result of what we are putting our body.
I once heard that if you look at a toddler's poop and then at a fifty year old's, you will find that the the toddler have a larger poop. The explanation is that you feed your baby healthier than you feed yourself and also that a toddler's colon is much healthier.
Facts or not, it's something to consider the next time you need to POOP.