Friday, December 6, 2013

When is it Enough

when is it Enough......

Now that I am thinking of leaving my job and security to start a new life in a new place, I find myself wondering will it be enough for me.   I am financially security for now.  I don't need much, with no one to take of but me and my mortgage is almost paid up my living expenses is very small.

So why am I constantly worried?

Monday, September 23, 2013


Over the years I have seen tattoos, which was considered a boy’s thing immerge to a ladies accessory. But when do we say enough?
I was once told that if one gets a tattoo, that he or she cannot give blood to save even the life of one’s child. If that’s the case, why are so many women getting tattoos? I would say that one out of every five women I see has a tattoo.
Are we teaching young ladies that tattoos are cool and you have to get inked to be in with the in crowd? I have a few associates that are Jews and they believe that getting a tattoo is defiling the body. We all decorate ourselves at one time or the other but when is it going over board?
When I look at the ladies at the award show on the red carpet and I see so many of them with tattoos in their evening gowns. I asked myself this question; do they think it’s fashionable? Everyone has the right to do as they please with themselves, but I do think that when one decide to permanently cover one’s arm and shoulder in ink then an evening gown of contrasting color should be considered or one that covers these hideous drawing. After all ones body is not a piece of canvas.
Just one persons opinion.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Needless Suffering

Needless suffering.
So many women go through life suffering needlessly, afraid of the “what ifs”.
I am one of those who worry about very and anything. I am past my child bearing years but for about five to six years I have spent every month suffering with chronic anemia from heavy bleeding, low energy, bloated stomach, fatigue, issue with my bladder and pain.
I had fibroids, and I spend four to five days each month in agony. For a long time, friends and associates asked me “why don’t you just have the surgery”; I always find one excuse after the other. When my doctor told me I was going into menopause and things would get better, I no long see the need for surgery.
After one year of not menstruating and while on vacation, I woke up to pain and bleeding, and that was my cue that it’s time.
I came back from vacation and went to the doctor and she advised me that I should have a hysterectomy. All my what if’s and fears presented themselves, however, I ask the Lord to see me and He did. I made preparations, and my doctors and nurses were wonderful. I have my uterus removed, but leave my ovaries. I did not want another large scar on my tummy and I don’t have one thanks to laparoscopic technology.
I just went for eight weeks post-operation check up and was given a clean bill of health. I feel great and my clothes fit better, my over all quality of life is so much better.

The result for out weigh the “what if’s”.
I am telling my story because there might be one person out there who is going through what I did and I just want to say, do it, you will be a happier you.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Wanting More................

Wanting More….
I recently read a book where the female heroin stated that she “wants more” in her relationship.

She did get her "more" and was happy, but, how many of us can say after getting “more” that we are happy? We should not always wait for someone to give us what we think will make us happy, but strive to find happiness for ourselves.
As a young girl growing up, I was mostly alone except when I at my grandma’s house and so I learn at an early age to find my own happiness. Yes, life will be melancholy at times, but it is up to us to decide whether we are going to be bog down with stuff or shake it off and move on.

I always say that my children are my life, but they grew up and moved away and have lives of their own and I am left alone. Sometimes I am a little melancholy (sad because I miss them), but for the most part as long as I know that they are ok I am fine and I can go on to fine my “more”.
Not everyone have what it takes to deal with the stuff that is life, but if you want more by all means ask. Never take it for granted that people around you knows what’s going on with you. You are the only one in your head and therefore the only one who knows what’s there.

Often time people will say they want more but, don’t know exactly what they want. They will look at someone else’s life and think they want what that person have, however, when they get it, it’s not what they really want.

It is at this point one should reflect on their own life to see what if anything they can do for themselves or what changes they can make in they life to make it better (to get more).