Friday, March 8, 2013

Wanting More................

Wanting More….
I recently read a book where the female heroin stated that she “wants more” in her relationship.

She did get her "more" and was happy, but, how many of us can say after getting “more” that we are happy? We should not always wait for someone to give us what we think will make us happy, but strive to find happiness for ourselves.
As a young girl growing up, I was mostly alone except when I at my grandma’s house and so I learn at an early age to find my own happiness. Yes, life will be melancholy at times, but it is up to us to decide whether we are going to be bog down with stuff or shake it off and move on.

I always say that my children are my life, but they grew up and moved away and have lives of their own and I am left alone. Sometimes I am a little melancholy (sad because I miss them), but for the most part as long as I know that they are ok I am fine and I can go on to fine my “more”.
Not everyone have what it takes to deal with the stuff that is life, but if you want more by all means ask. Never take it for granted that people around you knows what’s going on with you. You are the only one in your head and therefore the only one who knows what’s there.

Often time people will say they want more but, don’t know exactly what they want. They will look at someone else’s life and think they want what that person have, however, when they get it, it’s not what they really want.

It is at this point one should reflect on their own life to see what if anything they can do for themselves or what changes they can make in they life to make it better (to get more).