Friday, March 27, 2009

Be Gentle with Me,, Do not break my back.

I have often times borrow books from someone who does not care anything about books and instead of enjoying the book I find myself straitening out the pages as I read.

As a child growing up in Jamaica with a very large extended family, we share books because the same books were used every school year, therefore when you move to a higher grade you were expected to give the book to a cousin or sister or brother who would be using it next.
Because of this I always takes care of my books.

Now I cannot stand to see any books being abused. When you look at my bookcase, and it is a small overstuffed one, you cannot tell that my books were actually read, but everyone of them were, sometimes two and three times.

You see I am very choosy as to who I lend my book to. If you can care my book as well as I can? I have no problem sharing with you.

One day on the train going home I was crocheting and the young lady next to me was reading, the next instance she bend the corner of her page ( she was finish reading). I cut my thread right there and crochet a bookmark, but them I could not give it to her. But if it happens again, I sure will make it and give it up.

Friday, March 20, 2009


This is the first snowday day I have had in a long time, March 2nd. It felt good just to stay home and watch the snow fall and work on the blanket I am crocheting for my 8th grandbaby due in May.
James went to work but they sent him home, and so here is is shoveling away at the snow.
I think this is the end of the snow for this season.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I have two sets of cardinals, one set at my house and one set at James' house. I love to watch them from my window but I can never get to take a picture of them. Every time I try, they always fly away when I get close enough to take the picture.

One thing I would like to know is which is male and which is female because there are always two of them, one red and the other is grey.

I am going to try to catch them (take a picture) this summer.