Thursday, August 20, 2009

Every now and then I pull out my photo albums and loose pictures for a walk down memory lane. The dilemma that I face ( and I know i am not alone) there are so many that are in no order whatsoever. From negatives, cds and tons of photographs.

I would love to have them organize but I don't have the time or any idea how to start.

I have decided going forward, now that I have a digital camera, I will have no more negatives,

I will print only the pictures I want to share with others (family and friends) and for my scrapbook/albums. All other pictures I will save on cds, label it and store in a special cd file box.
Since I got my camera, my computer is where I store my pictures but they are so many I need to save them to cds and take the old ones off my computer.
I will keep an update of my progress on my photo storage.