Monday, November 19, 2012


In a modern context, "melancholy" applies only to the mental or emotional symptoms of depression or despondency, From the Greek, melancholia- sadness, from the latin - ludgere to mourn.

Since I am not mourning nor am I mentally ill or depressed, I can therefore say that I am in a state of sadness.  This I hope will soon pass.

The holidays are fast approching and it's makes me sad. Sad because somewhere, somehow I have fail at my most important job.  When I look back, can't seems to find the place where I have made an error, but am I suppose to find it or just move forward and try to do better? This, I ponder.

In 2007 someone went into my home and steal almost all of my jewlery. I spent the next year trying to replace them, but with each new piece I bought I relealize that I cannot replace what was taken away.
Almost everything I had was given to me or purchase for a reason, a birthday, christmas, an opology etc. the new pieces however have no meaning, just a reminder of how selfish and envious people are .  This too makes me sad, not sad for me but for the person who think that they have to steal from someone who trusted them.

So, today I will give a hundred and ten precent to whatever I have to do and maybe I will be rewarded with cheerfulness.

I'm just saying...........