Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Talented ..............or Not?

Talented …….or Not!

The bible says that each and every one of us was given a certain amount of talent. Now it is up to us to use and develop our talent.

I started crocheting at about the age of nine. It was my escape, when I am crocheting the world could fall down around me and I would not know.

As I grow up, I go through spells where I would crochet nonstop anything you could think of, and then I would just stop. This is one of my dry spell, like a writer who would write so many good books and then one day …….nothing.

Within the last two weeks however I have gotten three signs from meeting people on the train crocheting something and tells me that I should go back to Pastor preaching and telling us to use our talents to help others, “even those who crochet should consider teaching others” when I listen to him in church, I was convinced that someone is telling me something.

I have made baby’s blankets, doilies, hats and scarves, embellished t-shirts, sweater, caplets, ponchos and bags just to name some of the things I have done.

For the coming Christmas season I am going to put out a new line for the home, a thirteen piece table set – 6 coasters and mats and one center piece, plus holiday slippers.

So, am I talented…………………., or not…………………….? We'll find out.