Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Happy thanksgiving to all and remember the less fortunate among us.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Ladies! Ladies, Aren't you tired of looking down a young lady's butt? Well, I for one am.

Where did our femininity go?, from where I sit it looks like right down the toilet.

When did young ladies stop taking pride in the way they dress? They cannot walk up the escalator, sit on a bus or on a park's bench or just standing up in a bus and holding on.

I don't know about the rest of you but I am so sick and tired of seeing a black young girl thinking they are so fine with their behind out in the cold.

Mothers! talk to your daughter, look at them when they leave home, trust me, they will listen.

I have two daughters and thank the Lord I never feel as if I need to wrap my scarf around their waist.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Maureen Pratt is a christian, an author and a woman who live her entire life in pain.

Just recently I read her book of inspiration for the reading program I am in at church and I must say, she has inspired me.

She has lupus, lost her only brother and was not able to attend because his funeral because of her illness, she was discriminated against but was able to keep her cool and to teach other that not all disability is visible.

In all her struggles she is able to wake up each morning praising God.

In July 2000, I had a myonectomy, ( surgery to remove fibroid, which has since grew back) and I am never the same since. I am in pain constantly. Not one day pass that I don't hurt.

My back hurt from an old injury in 1994 but after the surgery it just start hurting. I since found out that I have herniated, and compressed discs. My feet hurts, which I was told it's because of my back injury. Wearing socks and boots are so difficult for me.

Since I live in NY the winter months are most difficult for me. The funny thing is I hurt more at night than in the day (except when I am wearing boots or socks). I wake up every morning so stiff and aching, sometimes I dread getting out of bed because those first few steps are like putting a ton weight on my feet.

Somehow God has given me the strength to get up each day. When I think of Ms Pratt, I can only say, Thank the Lord for another day that I am able to get out of bed.