Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why do we have children?

How can a mother gives away her children to other people at raise and never spend anytime with them, never take part in their lives, never even let them know that she is alive. Until she found out that they have achieve sometime wonderful or becomes famous, then she want she the whole world to know that these are her children.

However she cannot understands when these children treats her with indifference and the one child who shows her some respect she takes disadvantage of, ex: constantly use asking for favors and to run errands and to take her places. How does that child say enough, or no without being rude or mean?

The Bible say to "honor your mother and your father" but it also says "parents provoke not your children to wrath".

Sometimes life takes us to unexpected places, but wherever it leads we should remember that our children are precious gifts from God and treat them as such.
If you don't want them and give them away you should not come back for them because they achieve something and now fits into your life or make you look good.

When you give away a dress because it no longer fits, do you go to get it back because you lose weight or you found out that you could sell it on EBay for a few dollars?

Whatever seed you sow with your child/children that's the only fruit you should look to harvest.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Are we embarrassed of Love

The experts say it is healthy for couples to be affectionate to each other at all times. Out in public, holding hands, little smooches and hugs, all that they say is ok.

If that's true, Then why are we as a people get so embarrassed when we see public display of love and affection by others?

On my way home from work on a train with standing room only, a couple came on, she held him around his waist and he held on to the pole, but their little play of affection made quite a few people uncomfortable. People were clearly trying not to look at them and from body language one could see how uncomfortable they were. Two stops later another couple came on and they were even worst. They were kissing (smooches) and fooling around with each other's hair and clothes while sharing an ipod.

I was amusing to me to see how many adults had a negative reaction to them.

Are we to show love and affection for each other only behind close doors? I for one don't think so. My partner leaves home at 4:30 in the morning. I get home at 6:30 to 7p.m. at night, that leaves us very little time together. As long as there are no indecent behavior I will let him know that I love him wherever I am.