Monday, September 23, 2013


Over the years I have seen tattoos, which was considered a boy’s thing immerge to a ladies accessory. But when do we say enough?
I was once told that if one gets a tattoo, that he or she cannot give blood to save even the life of one’s child. If that’s the case, why are so many women getting tattoos? I would say that one out of every five women I see has a tattoo.
Are we teaching young ladies that tattoos are cool and you have to get inked to be in with the in crowd? I have a few associates that are Jews and they believe that getting a tattoo is defiling the body. We all decorate ourselves at one time or the other but when is it going over board?
When I look at the ladies at the award show on the red carpet and I see so many of them with tattoos in their evening gowns. I asked myself this question; do they think it’s fashionable? Everyone has the right to do as they please with themselves, but I do think that when one decide to permanently cover one’s arm and shoulder in ink then an evening gown of contrasting color should be considered or one that covers these hideous drawing. After all ones body is not a piece of canvas.
Just one persons opinion.