Monday, March 24, 2014

Your passion

So many times I hear people say that they are bored.   I can't imagine been bored because I always have so much going on.

My three passions are reading, gardening and crocheting.  I read for knowledge and entertainment, I garden because I love to going outside and come back with vegetable that I grow, also I love looking at a beautiful garden. Crocheting is the first thing I learn to do that would keep me acupied for a long period of time. As a child I would sit for hours and crochet things for my dolls. It was hard for me to be bored.  At about ten or eleven years old I realized that I enjoy planting things and watch them grow.  I start bringing home pieces of plants t from relatives or friends went ever I visit. Growing up in Jamaica, most plant grow in abundance so it was OK to take a piece of plant from anywhere.   I soon had a beautiful flower garden.

After I migrated to the USA I continue reading, crocheting and gardening.  Gardening Iwould do in a smaller scale because I could only plant in pots in my apartment. I realized however that I my crocheting came in handy because I could make my own hats and scarves. Over the last thirty years I have made  crochet items as gifts, for sale and for family and myself. I have three children and in each of their homes there are at least two items that I have made.
Growing my own vegetables, a flower garden ( inside or outside), making beautiful pieces and relaxing with a good book are all this that I am passionate about.  These are my passions.  At any given time you could find in my bag a book or my tablet or some type of crochet project, I always have at least two things that I am working on.  When my fingers need a break I can pick up my book.
Whatever you are passionate about.... Enjoy it to tthe fullest.

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