Monday, March 21, 2016

My Thoughts

We always took for granted that family and friends will always be there to listen and support you, however, that is not so. As people we grow up and grow apart, have different interests and hobby, read different kind of books, our priorities change and sometimes our purpose in someone's life change and we or no longer needed. What is one to do when they are no longer the center of someone's world, the bond they thought they have so security is broken and the relationship is changed. As a people we long to be apart of something or a group and family is the most important. As family grow and change some are left behind, parent become emptynesters and children move on to find their own families. Sometime if we are lucky, children will always keep mommy and daddy as part of their new family even from a far, but sometime mommy and daddy, after they have fulfill their duty as parents are no longer wanted and are left to make new friends and are only called up on in time of crisis. Too many adult children disregard the respect they had for their parents as children, as they themselves become adults. Parents are neglected, disrespected and just abandon like an old toy to be visited out of pity. I for one have raised my children with all the love I have in my heart and if the day should come when they should look at me as a burden or a nuisance, I pray that they will at least be respectful..

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