Friday, March 18, 2016

Foster Parenting/ Child Services

A few months ago child services contact us and ask us to take a little boy who is the brother of my Goddaughter on a temporary basis. They failed in inform us that they were looking for an adoptive parent for him. They gave us none of his vital information, such as his date of birth, allegories, or if he had any condition they we should be aware of. We had an emergency and had to take him to the hospital and could not give vital information about him. The next day I had to take him for his checkup at the child services medical office only to discover that he has asthma and uses a machine. They took him from a loving home simply because they wanted him to be adopted by people who would let his parent be apart of his life. Now, daddy and mommy are fine, they are not sick or on drugs, or in prison the just want someone else to raise their children while they go about living a carefree life so they can play parent only when if suits them. Now we found out that they wanted us to adopt this little boy, what are we to do? I considered it but at my age I don't think it would be good for him in the long run, and I certainly would not be having daddy and mommy in my home whenever it suits them, furthermore I am leaving the state. Even those I was not the foster parent on record, I became parent by default since I am the only adult female living in he home. I am so furious with the system right now. They did not do a proper investigating to see if we were a proper fit and whether or not we want to adopt. We were not and still are not certified foster parents. He is in our home since February 5, 2016 and we have not receive no help for him to date. No wic benefit, no clothing benefit since 90% of the clothes he came with are hand-me-down and are too big for him. We are buying him clothe and feeding him without being reimbursed by the agency. This system needs to be overall because these children need better advocate who are going to be looking out for their best interest.

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